I’ve been lucky to collaborate with some amazing PhD students and postdocs. I can only hope they learned as much from me as I learned from them.

Current Students and postdocs

Louis Kinnear Profile Soil weathering fluxes and clay formation rates as a function of erosion.
Noorzalianee Ghazali Profile Mangrove change.
Marina Ruiz Sánchez-Oro Profile Climate and landscape evolution.
Callum Strong Profile Evolution of African drainage systems. Co-supervised with Mikael Attal and Hugh Sinclair.
Justine Domingo Profile Sediment and pollutant transport in the Philippines. Co-supervised with Mikael Attal and Bryne Ngwenya.
Donny Wahyudi Profile Tectonic geomorphology. Co-supervised with Hugh Sinclair.
Saraswati Thapa Profile Flooding and sediment transport. Co-supervised with Hugh Sinclair and Mikael Attal.
Prakash Pokhrel   Tectonic geomorphology of the Kathmandu Basin. Co-supervised with Hugh Sinclair and Mikael Attal.
Anthony Hoskins   Drainage reorganization in South Baja California. Co-supervised with Mikael Attal, David Sanderson (SUERC), and Miguel Castillo (UNAM).
Anya Towers Research site Grain sizes in Scotland. Co-supervised with Mikael Attal and Hugh Sinclair.
Qiuyang Chen   River meandering and vegetation Co supervised with Mikael Attal and Stephen Hancock

Current visitors

Feng Zhiyong   Mangrove evolution

Former PhD students, postdocs and researchers

Lynsey MacLeary (nee Callaghan) linkedin PhD in 2012. Vegetation and landscape evolution. Now an environmental consultant.
Martin D. Hurst Scholar Profile PhD in 2013. Hillslope and coastal geomorphlogy. Now lecturer Glasgow University.
David T. Milodowski Scholar Profile PhD in 2016. Vegetation, topographic analysis, lidar, geomorphlogy. Now PDRA at Edinburgh University.
Stuart W.D. Grieve Scholar Profile PhD in 2016. Hillslope geomorphology, natural hazards, topographic analysis. Now lecturer at Queen Mary University London
Fiona J. Clubb Scholar Profile PhD in 2017. Topographic analysis, hydrology, landscape evolution, geomorphology. Now assistant professor at Durham University
John Preston linkedin PhD in 2017. Coastal landscape evolution and Vikings. Now environmental consultant.
Calum Bradbury linkedin Masters by research in 2018. Controls on channel steepness in the Himalyas. Now environmental consultant in New Zealand.
Dan Hobley Scholar Profile Postdoc in 2013, on project with Hugh Sinclair. Numerical modelling, landscape evolution, planetary geomorphology, sedimentology. Now lecturer at Cardiff University
Marie-Alice Harel Profile Postdoc in 2015. Cosmogenics, landscape evolution, and hillslope hydrology. Now an illustrator.
Declan Valters Scholar Profile Landscape evolution, hydrology. Declan was an MEarthSci student at Edinburgh and during his PhD at Manchester and as a research software engineer helped develop LSDTopoTools. Now research software engineer at British Geological Survey
Guillaume Goodwin Scholar Profile Salt marsh evolution. Now at University of Padova
Boris Gailleton Scholar Profile Tectonic evolution of the Carpathians and topographic analysis. Co-supervised with Hugh Sinclair. Now at GFZ Potsdam
Wang Yanzai   Soil erosion and tectonic geomorphology
Yan Luobin Scholar Evolution of sandstone landscapes

Opportunities in the Land Surface Dynamics Group


Our group has a wide range of both PhD and Master by research students. Our students often work collaboratively (see our publication lists: frequently papers have more than one student author) and our vibrant group meets weekly for informal talks, paper discussions, etc. We are open to enquiries about PhD projects. If you are considering doing a PhD with us, please don’t hesitate to contact some of our past or current students.


The main source of funding for our PhD students is through the E4 Doctoral Training Partnership: E4DTP

E4 studentships are open to any nationality, but there are a limited number of places for studnets who are not resident in the UK. Please see the following website for details: Applications for non UK residents

There are several other sources of potential PhD funding, and information about these can be found here: Funding sources for PhD

Masters by research

We are open to students doing a Masters by research, but we cannot supply funding for this so you will need to secure your own funding. See this link: Funding for MSc by research

Taught Masters

We welcome students in taught Masters who wish to do a thesis on topics in geomorphology. To apply for taught masters, see this website: Taught master’s at Edinburgh

Post-doctoral and Staff opportunities

If you have a PhD and want a research position with us, there are three options:

  • Competitive fellowships
  • Post-docs linked to funding we have received
  • Funding from your country


We welcome enquiries about fellowships. One thing to note is that all of these fellowships are very competitive. You will need both a strong proposal and an excellent publication record. The most common fellowships are (please see links for deadlines)

Post-docs linked to Land Surface Dynamics funded projects

We occasionally have funding for post-doctoral researchers. The best way to see if any are available is to follow our twitter account: Edinburgh landsurf twitter

Funding from your country

There are many opportunities for funding from other countries (China, in particular, has many funding opportunities): if your native country has researcher funding we are happy to discuss letters of support and co-developed projects.

Visiting Students

We frequently host visiting students, researchers and staff. See this website for information: visiting student information. Please get in touch about the organising a visit. Note that we do not have funding for visitors.


We welcome collaborative proposals. Come and see us at conferences or drop us an e-mail!