University of Edinburgh

I am the Professor of Earth Surface Processes at the University of Edinburgh, in the School of GeoSciences.

When you put in professorial promotion paperwork at the University of Edinburgh you are actually allowed to name your "personal chair", and I chose the title above since it sounded respectable and I was nervous I wouldn't be promoted. But I now regret not naming my position "Professor of Mudd".


I am from Riverside, California, which is famous for various reasons. I then went to Berkeley, Santa Barbara, Tallahassee, and Nashville (The Athens of the South) for some degrees. NOAA kindly provided funding for me to stay in Nashville for a year after my PhD. Then I moved to Edinburgh (The Athens of the North) in 2007, and as a result my children rhyme the words 'food' with 'good' and think 20°C/68°F is 'too hot'. In 2015 I spent 8 months at the Department of Geosciences, University of Padova on a Leverhulme International Fellowship. When not working, you can find me complaining on twitter about the lack of segregated cycle routes in Edinburgh, or snorkling with my children in the North Sea.